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SandSPublishing – One Stop Shop for All On-line Publishing

Want to learn how to make real money from your book or manuscript?

Then you have found the right place!

SandSPublishing specializes in  publishing books to most of the popular ‘on-line’ publishing services like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Lulu as well as to the iBookstore.   The key to successful book publications follows three simple steps;

Working Together

Working Together to Achieve

  • Unique desirable content
  • Structured content with killer front-cover
  • Marketing to the right people

Our services can help you with points 2 and 3 above and maybe even with making your content unique and we will show you;

  • How to structure your content
  • How to design a killer cover
  • How to get your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu and other popular’ on-line’ book publishers
  • How to get your book on all the tablet devices like Kindle, Nook, iPhone and more
  • How to create a website or video to market your book
  • How to rank quickly on Google Page One through keyword optimization and video marketing
  • How to market your book on all major social media platforms

We can teach you how to do this or we can do this for you.   Our prices start at $197 and will vary depending on overall marketing strategy and size and complexity of the manuscript.   So if you have your ideas and your manuscript don’t wait start earning an income from your unique knowledge today.

We are experts in

  • Facebook Fanpages
  • Twitter
  • WordPress book blog and checkout store
  • YouTube video marketing
  • Other social media sites like Pinterest and Squidoo

SandSPublishing can help with part or all of your social media marketing needs.  The following is a list of additional services that we offer:

  • Amazon, Lulu, Barnes and Noble and Google play setup

    Working Togther

    Working Together to Achieve

  • Convert manuscripts to .PDF,.Mobi and to .epub formats
  • Paperback copy publishing on Createspace (Amazon hardcopy)
  • Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Pinterest set-up
  • Website design and setup for your book or manuscript
  • WordPress installation, set-up and training

We  have developed  a simple social media strategy that can be applied to just about any business.  Simply, publish your own book on your own website and for pennies publish your book through the major on-line publishing companies  and finally leverage the major social media platforms to get your book noticed by eager buyers.

If you or your company are ready to take the next  step in leveraging income through publications then call us anytime on 267 714 8267.  We can assist with select tasks or we help with the entire process from the initial plan all the way through to daily implementation and social network growth.  Whatever you or your company’s social media needs are,   SandSPublishing can help. 

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