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My latest novel, sneak preview:


The Queen her Beast and the Creature: An Unusual Love Affair has been magically woven into an easy to read enticing story of love, lust and revenge set to a backdrop of alien intrigue. The book cleverly uses facets of ‘Alien’ with artificial insemination and the blood sucking aspects of ‘Vampire004-finalnakedandafraids’ as the QUEEN, yet it is not a vampire story. The BEAST reflects aspects of the incredible ‘Hulk’ or perhaps the ‘Werewolf’ which metamorphosis’s as danger appears, and the CREATURE has elements of the ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’. The clones reminisce of a ‘Dr Frankenstein and his assistant Igor’ as they are created artificially in a private Lab. The ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ personalities of the heroes complicates their journey and the chase by the hunters recalls aspects of the ‘Frankenstein Monster’, as the hunters try to kill the Queen and her Beast from fear and raw blood thirsty revenge.

The story blends human revenge into the story line whilst our heroes, despite their problems, t002-queen -beast-creaturery to save the world from certain alien domination. Mixed into the story are aspects of human lust and raw sex, in a love triangle, as they seek a cure for their genomic infestation. And in the end only folklore remains to explain the unusual events that saved the people of Earth from extinction. This book combines aspects of different yet famous novels of a bygone era bringing them back to life in a knife-edge thriller.

You can buy the book here or buy for just a few cents some great wallpaper that will fit most smart devices without cropping here