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  1. US Military Emblems for Android and Kindle

    March 28, 2014 by sands

    Get your  Android & Kindle Military Wallpaper here!  Over 50 Different Emotive Emblems
    Military Wallpaper - Select Your Service App
    Military Wallpaper - Select Your Service App

    US Military Android / Kindle Wallpaper Marines, Navy, Army & Airforce
    Unique relaxing colors yet very stimulating wallpaper. This App includes a selection of Marine Corps, Navy, Army & Airforce images from its long history.
    We have special personal apps of campaign and service medals reminding you when and efforts during your time in uniform. More images will be added periodically BUT if we missed your favorite icon, contact us by the email address provided below and we will update the app in double time.

    Your pride will show making your phone and tablet a point of pride as others note you or someone close was or is a Marine, Sailor, Soldier or in the United States Air Force

    …designed for Android Phone, Tablets and Kindles
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