EasyGrowing Container Gardens – Expanded to Garden Plot

May 16, 2012 by sands

easygrowing container gardens

Container Gardens

EasyGrowing Container Gardens works for large areas as well as tight areas.     Here I show you my garden as it grows with no effort, I mean no effort.  All I do is harvest from the garden as there is no weeding no manual watering and no feeding, just pure enjoyable harvesting from my easy grow container garden.

The basics to implementing this easy growing automated container garden is simple, just follow the next few steps to implement.  All information for hardware is provided including links to specific websites to purchase the required items.   If you want to see the full details of this approach and how to build your own compost bags then read my book on this subject.  It is available on easygrowing or on Amazon or Barnes and Nobel or in the ibookstore.

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Yard-Layout for Easy Growing – Container Gardens

easygrowing schematic

Water Schematic

Setting the system up.

  • Loosen the soil and add normal lawn & garden feed (15:10:5 or similar)
  • Raise beds about 6 ” and about 12″ wide
  • Put 1 inch feed drip emitter black tubing around the periphery. This is the water supply.   Make sure you terminate the end with a simple 1″ tube plug
  • Tee-off with drip tape and on/off connector
  • Tie – off the ends, simply knot the drip tape end
  • Check for function ie dripping
  • Lay black sheets over the soil, and hold down with simple planks of wood.

Materials required for a 10ft by 50 ft garden plot are as follow;

  • Water Hose Supply;1 inch standard flexible PTFE tubing-supply as long as required with end stopper or seal
  • Drip tape – 100 feet, runs 10, ten feet drip lines
  • Direct drip inline filter – one only
  • 10-15 psi pressure regulator – one only
  • Emitter regulator on/off taps – dependent on number of drip lines
  • Spigot and hose with appropriate connections
  • Black plastic ground cover (4 mil thickness)
  • Timer – single flow, dual cycle timer

and these items can be purchased on line at;

 www.irrigationdirect.com or www.trickl-eez.com

bare top

Raised Beds

Once the above ground watering system is in place then it is a matter of putting the black plastic over the ground as shown. The black plastic covers the drip tape and raised beds and is simply secured using planks for the walkways between the raised beds and securing the plastic at both ends with pieces of gash wood. As you can see you can do just about any ground configuration you want you simply cut or fold the plastic to fit. I did use on the round bed simple plastic adhesive to secure the plastic sheets.

black top

Black Top Over Beds

I found that in spring and fall watering for 30 min in the morning and evening is enough, whilst in full summer I went to 90 min morning and evening. I suggest you monitor the watering for the first few days and adjust. Frequently the watering is subject to the type of drip tape you buy. You are now done just plant your plants 2 inch or higher and watch them grow.

full grown plants

Watch Grow & Harvest

Watch  my video here on EasyGrowing-Container Gardens to gain a full understanding of what can be grown easily without watering, weeding or feeding.