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May 16, 2012 by sands

cover page of dogs and men

Welcome to SandSPublishing

First of all thanks for visiting my site, feel free to roam and see what surprises you may find in literature, music and technology.

This site focuses on published material of a variety of interesting topics from the dogs in

african sanctue, lord's prayer

Lord’s Prayer

Antarctica to the modern day sciences of alternative energy, Pacific music and beyond.    The site is structured so that you can easily view material of interest by selecting the categories as listed on the right.   All material on this site is original and has links to sites like Amazon,  Barnes and Noble and other publishing hosts to allow you to download these books as ebooks on most current tablets (Kindle, Nook, Droids, iPads, Tablets).

Also on this site all our material can be downloaded instanteously in PDF format that is easily read on most PC and tablet devices

As you begin your voyage of discovery keep in mind how our lives have changed with the advent of modern day technology for both reading and writing.   Never has there been this opportunity to quickly access information at a click of mouse.

  • Have you ever wondered what the world was like just 100 years ago, or maybe just 10 years ago? How much has our world changed in such a short amount of time?
  • Our world is changing so fast that we don’t realize what is disappearing right under our noses, sometimes for the better and many times not!
  • One of our goals is to discover some of the facets of culture and life that are either extinct or on the verge of disappearing.
  • Join us on this adventure; you never know what may peak an interest or spark your passion, and could cause you to reflect and even take action.
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Container Gardens

Our aim is to provide you with quality information with price options to fit anyone’s wallet whilst helping reduce our dependence on our planet’s valuable resources by providing electronic versions of books/newsletters wherever possible.

Here is your opportunity  to discover information, fast, reliably and easily

Hope you enjoy the experience

Regards Simon