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SandSPublishing is an independent publishing company that publishes all types of media, manuscripts (characters and images), audio books, music files to all the major online retailers. SandSPublishing can publish your manuscript to on-line retailers in both hardback, paperback and electronic version in color and in black and white. Currently SandSPublishing publishes manuscripts in both Mobi (kindle format), ePub (Nook and other tablet devices) and PDF for most PCs and Macs SandSPublishing currently publishes to the following retailers; Amazon Createspace - (paperback, all sizes) Amazon - Kindle Barnes and Noble - Nook iBookstore - iPad Google Play (Android, Tablet Devices, ) Lulu (paperback and epub format) Kobo (Arc,Glo, Mini etc) Smashwords handles all other formats including (Sony, Diesil, Page Foundry, Library Direct, Baker and Taylor SandSPublishing can handle all your book needs from professionally designed front and back book covers as well as well as formatting, editing and proof reading your manuscript in all English formats. SandSPublishing can also convert your book to audio books as well. As a publisher SandSPublishing can help you with marketing your media to all the major social media sites including twitter, facebook, pinterest and other advertising opportiunities such as google and bing. We also build book specific websites optimized around keywords in order to rank high in google and bing. So come join the magical journey and fill your mind with knowledge and sound using SandSPublishing Services that will provide you with, quintessential quality and superior support to meet all your media needs!